A tour to the USA for collectors and restorers of vintage farming equipment, tractors, cars, trucks, traction engines, locomotives, working models, steam engines, stationary engines, badges and virtually anything else related to old machinery.

DATE:  16th August to the 6th of September 

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EMAIL: travel@toursgallery.com 

WEBSITE:  www.toursgallery.com

Many additional attractions are also included in a special tour program between these shows. 
These include the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, 
Coolspring Power Museum, Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and the National Air and Space Museum. We visit Steamtown USA to see a collection of 29 locomotives, Pennsylvania Trolley 
Museum to see 25 restored trams and visit an Amish settlement where you can get a glimpse into a different lifestyle.

The Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show, reputedly the largest show of its kind in the world. On display will be over 3,000 engines, 800 tractors, 6,000 spark plugs and a huge 1923 100hp Fairbanks-Morse diesel as well as craft exhibits, antique stalls, milling, blacksmiths, and loads of entertainment.  Mid-West Old Threshers Reunion with its grand Cavalcade of Power Parade. See the past come to life with traction engines, trolleys, trains, antique cars, trucks, gas engines, and stationary engines.

 This is the 16th Vintage Machinery Collectors and Restorers Tour that we have operated in the USA & UK.

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